The Life and Times of Ol' G. Dubs


Born to Entertain

Georgia first toddled into the limelight when she appeared opposite "Geoffrey the Giraffe” in a national commercial for Toys R Us at just eleven months old. She was bit by the acting bug – or, kissed by the acting giraffe, as it were – that  day, and has worked diligently ever since to carve a unique place for herself in the business of show, 

So far. so good!

As an actor, Georgia has worked on Broadway, off-Broadway, and in dozens of distinguished regional theatre productions, including playing Jill Mason in the acclaimed Guild Hall production of Equus, starring Alec Baldwin, and originating the role of Lane in the world premiere of Lyle Kessler’s House on Fire (recently published by Samuel French). She has appeared on four major TV shows in the last year alone, including guest starring in Law & Order: SVU (which we all know is a rite of passage for New York actors), has worked on many independent films, commercials, web series, music videos, video games, live and recorded comedy sketches, and been in more readings and workshops than she can count. 

Compared as often to Elizabeth Taylor as Megan Mullally, Georgia's personal blend of vulnerable vixen and straight-shootin' sass-monster has made her flexible and fortunate enough play a delicious range of characters and span many genres. She has had the privilege of being directed by industry titans such as David Hyde Pierce, Eric Stoltz, Jack O’Brien, Harris Yulin, and Tony Walton, while getting to work with such prominent actors as Annette Bening, James Franco, Elisabeth Moss, Mercedes Ruehl, and Tracy Letts, to name(drop) just a few. 


Behind the Scenes

As a writer, Georgia works as a journalist for The Independent, writing primarily arts & culture pieces. She has been published as a poet and children’s story author, collaborated on and co-penned many comedy scripts, and has occasionally been hired as a script consultant for new works. This year, she served as the official judge of The Hampton’s annual Halloween BOO! Short and Scary Story Contest.

As a director, she has lead many children’s theatre productions with The Young Artists and Writers Project, as well as full scale and one-act plays in New York City, and around the Northeast. Her on-camera directing work includes five episodes of the comedic web series Two-Mara, a music video for viral sensation Mikey Shyne, and several short films and web sketches. 

She has produced both short and feature length independent films, and has worked as a freelance casting director for several stage and screen projects.


Spreading the Love

One of Georgia’s greatest passions is coaching other actors individually; cultivating their crafting, kindling their creativity, and sharing in their personal and artistic breakthroughs. 

Primarily a student of the Meisner Technique, but well versed in Stanislavsky’s System, Strasberg’s Method, Adler's Approach, and Michael Chekhov’s Psycho-Physical Actions, Georgia determines each client’s specific strengths and weaknesses and tailors her approach accordingly, cherry-picking only the methods that  are called for. She often employs the “Oppositional Listening” technique, a tried and true method of her own invention. Her recurring group audition workshop, The Seasoned Actor, is so named for the comparison between the way she coaches her clients, and the way a chef might season their cooking; with precision, intuition, exploration, and a refined sense of taste.